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Palms Therapeutic Massage

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Palms Therapeutic Massage is home to a diverse group of ambitious Registered Massage Therapists.

Since first opening in one of Edmonton's major gyms, Palms has continued to grow and today is home to a group of healers providing Edmonton with wellness through massage therapy and energy work. Our family of Registered Massage Therapists in Edmonton, Ab. are entrepreneurs driven by the reward of making a difference in the lives of their clients with awesome massage therapy.

Massage therapy is manipulating muscles by rubbing, kneading and pressing with movements a massage therapist is skilled in. Our Massage therapists use high grade massage oils and a multitude of techniques they have been trained in to treat muscle pain, stiffness, and injury. Massage is also a beneficial treatment for mental and emotional problems like depression, anxiety and stress. Visit us for massage therapy and experience how massage can reduce your tension while eliciting feelings of calm and deep relaxation.

About our Clinic

Palms Therapeutic Massage in West Edmonton, AB has been dedicated to your well being - physically, emotionally, & spiritually, since opening in 2007. Our space is currently home to 9 healers offering massage therapy &/or energy work; 8 of which are Registered Massage Therapists. 

These healers have chosen Palms as the place to run their practice and grow their clientele. They work hard to provide exceptional customer service and care, holding themselves to the highest standards of our industry. 

At Palms we believe in creating an experience that will allow your mind to step into a space where you can surrender and relax. Whether you are experiencing pain, limited mobility, stress, fatigue or sports injuries, the practitioners at Palms Therapeutic massage will assist you in your recovery. 

Our Clinic Offers:

Deep Tissue Massage

Relaxation / Swedish massage

Pregnancy Massage

Couples Massage

Hot Stone Massage

Myofascial Cupping

Youth Massage

Cranialsacral Therapy 


Gua Sha


Massage Therapy in Edmonton, AB

Our clinic has been offering exceptional massage therapy services since 2007. Our clinic has Registered Massage therapists, Direct Billing, Online booking and more!

Relieve pain, restore function and cultivate health with massage therapy at Palms Therapeutic Massage. We have over 50 massage services and offer direct billing and motor vehicle accident claims.

Our massage clinic is following all AHS standards of hygiene & safety. We are taking added precautions to protect clients and staff. Ensuring a safe visit to our clinic is top priority.

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Massage Therapists in West Edmonton, AB

Our team of enthusiastic outgoing holistic healthcare practitioners is comprised of Registered Massage Therapists, and energy workers who offer years of experience in massage therapy in Edmonton, AB.

Meet our Team!

Pregnancy Massage in Edmonton, AB

Massag​e therapy is a safe and effective way to help guide you through your pregnancy. Our Registered Massage therapists are trained in how to treat the various conditions, aches and pains that come along with your changing body; while offering some much needed relaxation and bonding time with your baby. 

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Have you heard of


Monk Massage?


(massage therapy with no talking)

Time to Talk about; or sorry - shhhh, not talk about serious relaxation with the option to choose a talk-free massage. Booking a 'Monk Massage' to quiet your mind could be just what you need to truly RELAX and feel WELL. Whether you are craving some quiet time to let yourself unwind, or you simply enjoy your massages without chit chat, this service was created for you! Book a monk massage in Edmonton, AB.

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