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Palms Therapeutic Massage

Whipped Body Butter Massage & Hot Towel Application

Indulge & Hydrate

orange, lemon, lime, lavendar, and more...Spoil yourself with our signature moisturizing body butter massage in Edmonton, AB. The body butter massage absorbs the moisture slowly, which keeps your body soft and smooth for many hours after the body massage. 

Your massage therapist uses your choice of aromatherapy or unscented therapeutic blended body butter and incorporates hot towels throughout your treatment. You can choose between the Aromatherapy scents in Orange, Lime, Lavender, Lemon, mocha amaretto, or jasmine. We also have whipped roasted coffee butter made from the coffee Oil extracted from roasted coffee beans, as well as unscented therapeutic butter loaded with powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. When the body massage ends you will feel a youthful glow in your body.

Aromatherapy Butters

orange, lemon, lime, lavendar, and more...

Anti - inflammatory Butters

turmeric, arnica​ (unscented)

Feature Butters

coffee, mocha amaretto, green tea (unscented)

Sink into an hour or more of indulgent relaxation as your Registered Massage Therapist gives you the most relaxing body rub, using your choice of body butter and incorporating hot towels throughout your treatment. Our body butter massage has many benefits including:

Soothes dry skin

Relieve from dry, chapped, and cracked lips - remove

rehydrating and reconditioning your skin

prevent the exfoliated skin - take out

Improves blood circulation

Physical and mental relaxation

Calm mind

Improves sleep

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Lime or Lemon



Green Tea