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Chelsea Mollan, Registered Massage Therapist,

Owner of Palms Therapeutic Massage

Breathe. Relax. Release. Restore. My journey as a massage therapist began 15 years ago, and I'm blessed to be celebrating 13 years as the owner of Palms massage clinic in Edmonton. With years of experience I bring my open heart and pure presence to the table integrating a wide range of modalities. My work embodies deep muscular work and neuromuscular therapy techniques to address injuries and the source of holding patterns. Sensitive to my patients’ needs, I tailors each treatment according to the layers of injury or imbalance revealed and use various massage techniques to create space in the body that allows ease, openness and awareness. I bring a gentle strength working deeply or lightly as needed with focused intent always listening and responding with my hands, heart and ears. At the heart of each treatment is a focus to facilitate the body’s innate healing power and I am honoured to be helping others reach their full potential and be well.