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Couples Massage in Edmonton

Designed to relax any pair, couples massage is in a beautiful massage room, large enough for two massage tables to be placed side by side. Two Registered Massage Therapists accommodate each client's custom massage therapy needs while you have the option to snooze or chat together.

You will be given privacy within the massage room to undress to whatever level is comfortable. Majority of our clients remove all their clothing except under garments. You will be covered with a linen during the entire massage. Each of your individual massage therapist's will expose one area of muscle at a time as they work manually on your muscles with oil to relieve pain and improve circulation. They do this by using pressure and manual techniques within your comfort level to get your muscles, ligaments and tendons working optimally so you feel better and have a restored range of motion. We will verbally check in with you during the massage to see if the pressure is enjoyable, but an experienced therapist doesn't need feedback throughout your entire session. We can tell by simply your breathing changing if an area is more tender to be worked on. 

 Whether you seek a healthy activity or relaxing night out, couples massage at Palms Therapeutic Massage is a great way to spend time together! YES we can accommodate pregnancy massage into couples AND Direct may be available!

Couples massage must be booked manually so give us a call or an email!

780-484-0401 or [email protected]

Remember to include some days and time suggestions!