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Palms Therapeutic Massage

Ladies, Moon Massage 

for menstrual support

The Moon Cycle Massage is designed to relieve you by alleviating the symptoms of the monthly menstrual cycle. This massage focuses on the neck, shoulders, and back to relieve your stress and reduce pain or cramps. Your menstrual pain and uneasiness is reduced with our deep heat pack of organic flax, and lavender can be applied to the lower back or abdomen to reduce cramps, and hormone-balancing aromatherapy is optional. It is recommended to drink plenty of water and eat healthy before and after the massage therapy to feel comfortable.

Have your Registered Massage Therapist provide relief with extra detailed focus on the areas that need it most

A soothing use of heat therapy applications to lower back and hips

Hormone balancing Jasmine butter & hot towels

Take home therapy package to keep the support going

Moon-cycle clients will be gifted a take-home care package of bath salts and ladies’ moon tea for extra menstrual support.

Here are some quick benefits of moon-cycle massage:

Reduce anxiety

Reduce stress

Reduce swelling

Relieve pain

Improve the quality of sleep

Improves energy levels

Relieve neck, shoulders, and lower back pain

Boost relaxation

Relieve from depression, stress, and anxiety

Reduces cramps and uneasiness throughout your menstrual cycle

Improves hormonal balance