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Palms Therapeutic Massage

Meet our Team

Chelsea Mollan,

Owner & Registered Massage Therapist

Breathe. Relax. Release. Restore. My journey as a massage therapist began 15 years ago, and I'm blessed to be celebrating 13 years as the owner of Palms Therapeutic Massage! With years of experience I bring my open heart and pure presence to the table integrating a wide range of modalities. My work embodies deep muscular work and neuromuscular therapy techniques to address injuries and the source of holding patterns. Sensitive to my patients’ needs, I tailors each treatment according to the layers of injury or imbalance revealed and use various massage techniques to create space in the body that allows ease, openness and awareness. I bring a gentle strength working deeply or lightly as needed with focused intent always listening and responding with my hands, heart and ears. At the heart of each treatment is a focus to facilitate the body’s innate healing power and I am honored to be helping others reach their full potential and be well.   My love to care and nurture transcends into my personal life where you'll usually find me surrounded by dogs and volunteering with local dog rescues in Edmonton. 

Tatiana Robatzek, 

Registered Massage Therapist

After travelling abroad for almost 3 years, I've returned to Palms because of my love for providing massage! With many techniques to pull from, I can find what works best for your body; from gentle techniques to strong deep tissue work, cupping and dynamic stretching. Deciding to continue my passion of Health and Wellness, I am attending University to pursue a degree in Kinesiology to advance my knowledge of acute and chronic injury rehabilitation. When not at school or the clinic, you'll likely find me running in the river valley or climbing something. I'm currently available Sunday through Wednesday!

Jacqueline Woodhouse, 

Registered Massage Therapist

I have wanted to be a massage therapist for almost my whole life, since I was 9 years old in fact. After graduating Grant MacEwan's Massage Therapy program in 2017, I went right to work and have truly found my calling! Seeing clients leave my session relieved and pain free brings me so much pride and satisfaction.

I specialize in deep tissue massage, Swedish massage, trigger point therapy, and myo-fascial cupping. I sincerely hope to continue this career for the rest of my life and I hope to bring you all with me!

When I am not at work I will generally be reading with a cup of tea or hiking the mountains. Nature makes me feel truly at home!

Carly Mollan,

Registered Massage Therapist

 The love of massage therapy runs in my family, I am the younger sister of Palms owner, Chelsea. I am extremely inspired seeing the hard work put in and the resulting success my sister has experienced in this industry and look forward to making my mark. I am intrigued by the human body, and all the shapes, sizes, and presentations it comes in. Making my clients issues and concerns melt away is always the goal. Seeing first hand results from my treatment is the ultimate reward. When not at work, you can find me cuddling with my cat or reading a good book.

Jenny Clark,

Registered Massage Therapist

With over 10 years of massage therapy experience, I consider myself to be very knowledgeable and confident in my massage - specializing in Deep Tissue. If you've struggled to find a therapist that can get to deeper lying structures (like tendons and deep muscles), look no further! I love working on an area that stands out as needing tension/pain release; while also combining a consistent flow that will render anyone to be completely relaxed and stress free! 

Brittany Biggin,

Registered Massage Therapist, Reiki Practitioner

 *Not accepting new clients*

**Booking available through Brittany only. Please email the clinic to be contacted**

My practice includes assessment and detailed manual therapy techniques that assist clients with the physical and mental aspects of muscle tension release. I also provide insight on adjustments in daily living to help decrease and prevent tension build up. Reiki is a tool I use to provide a safe space to facilitate energetic healing for clients looking for more in-depth treatments.

Tracey Granoski,

Registered Massage Therapist

 *Tracey is taking leave from the clinic with an undetermined return date. Please contact the clinic for help finding care from another practitioner. 

I graduated from the massage therapy program at MacEwan University in 2016 and am compassionate and focused towards my clients health and wellness goals. I have experience in both therapeutic and relaxation massage and like to incorporate many different techniques into my treatments such as deep tissue, relaxation, fire cupping, pre-natal massage, trigger point therapy, TMJ (jaw) Massage, myo facial release and passive stretchingWhen not at work, you will find me hanging out with friends and family, playing board games, enjoying the outdoors or cuddling with my dog and two cats at home!

Christina Kugler,

Registered Massage Therapist, Craniosacral 

*Christina will be available at Palms until October 11, 2021. Please contact the clinic if you would like to find care from another one of our practitioners following this date; or you can find Christina Kugler, RMT at Balance Massage Inc. 

Connie Popowich,

Certified BodyTalk Practitioner / Manual Lymphatic Drainage

After 20 years in the dental industry I found my true calling and passion in energy work. BodyTalk is a form of energy work (similar to Reiki). It focuses on how stress interrupts natural patterns of health creating communication breakdown. As a BodyTalk practitioner, I facilitate as a translator to help restore communication so the body can function as it’s designed to do and heal ITSELF on all levels.

Balancing the body biochemically, physiologically and emotionally, while addressing specific beliefs and attitudes is a very powerful tool in the field of personal development.

Your body is talking – are you listening? Please contact me, Connie directly with any questions, or to set up an appt.

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