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Clients of Palms Therapeutic Please Read...

Cancellation Policy

Need to reschedule your appointment? - No problem. Please kindly provide 24 hours notice.

You may cancel online by signing into your click4time online booking profile; 

or by telephone 780-484-0401

Failure to provide 24 hours cancellation notice, the client is required to pay 

for 50% of the price of the service they booked.

Contact Connie Popowich directly regarding BodyTalk Appointments.

(780) 721-2019 / [email protected]

Feeling Ill?

 is important that you re-schedule your massage if you aren't feeling well. It is not wise to receive massage therapy while your immune system is compromised.

We will not penalize you for a late cancellation if you are sick; as long as you make a reasonable attempt to inform your practitioner.

for BodyTalk contact Connie directly 780-721-2019 / [email protected]

Going to Arrive Late?

Running behind? We understand that traffic and work duties can't be avoided. A Courtesy call if you are going to be late is always appreciated. (780)484-0401

If you arrive late, we may not be able to provide you with the entire session time you booked.

Clients who repeatedly arrive late may be asked to pay for the entire length of their session booked, 

even if their time is shortened due to their late arrival.

15+ minutes late with no contact; your appointment is forfeited.

Leave Little Ones at Home

We love children but they can be distracting to you, as well as our staff and other clients. Best to keep little ones at home; unless they are here for youth services.Older children who will quietly play on a tablet or colouring book you provide them are welcome to join you in the treatment room while you get your massage. 

Direct Billing? 

Please be aware if your insurance company is unable to provide proper acknowledgment of your coverage/ claim at the time of your appointment, the client is still required to pay for their massage service prior to leaving the clinic. 

Privacy rules prevent your practitioner from accessing any of your personal benefit plan information. Be sure to contact your insurance company for your personal plan details (some require a doctors note, etc.) 

Please understand when you have already arrived for your appointment; if your direct billing does not go through - for any reason,  you will be required to receive and pay for the service; 

or pay the 24 hour cancellation fee if you choose to forfeit the appointment. 

Booking Online?

- Make sure you receive a confirmation email

- Please book under the name of the person attending the appointment