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Prenatal Therapy & Pregnancy Massages in Edmonton

Massage is a safe and effective way to  help you through each stage of your pregnancy.

Our Registered Massage therapist's have trained to work on specific pregnancy related issues by having you choose between side-lying comfortably with pillows during your massage, or by using a special pre-natal pillow that allows you to lay face down! Majority of pre-natal clients use the pregnancy pillow from the beginning stages, right up to term - and are encouraged at any time to let us know which set up they need / prefer. 

 Our pregnancy massage aims to connect you to your body while helping relax muscle tension and improve lymphatic and blood circulation. Pregnancy can be overwhelming at times so its important you take a moment  to do some self care - physically and emotionally. 


Still in the early stages of your pregnancy, and experiencing back pain? 

During pregnancy, hormones are being released to loosen ligaments and joints which will help the hips and pelvis prepare for birthing. However, these hormones travel throughout your entire body, affecting ALL of your joints and ultimately causing discomfort in your back. Hormones can also cause nasty calf cramps!

Stress can cause back pain

stress can contribute to back pain, whether or not you're pregnant. Stress increases muscle pain and tension and combined with hormones wreaking havoc on your joints and ligaments, its a sure recipe for some back soreness.

Your shifting center of gravity can cause back pain

As your belly gets bigger and you increase body weight, your center of gravity begins to pull forward. Adapting to altered positioning, body mechanics and postural demands can all contribute to back pain, tension headache and sometimes sciatica. 

Pre- Natal Massage Therapy CAN Help!

Pregnancy Massage can help with...

- calf cramps

- hip soreness / sciatica

- wrist, carpal tunnel pain

- back soreness

- tension headaches

- stress and anxiety relief

- reduction of swelling

- more...

Questions? Send us an email or give us a call, today.

Always get the okay from your doctor to receive massage therapy while pregnant. 

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