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Palms Therapeutic Massage

Relaxation / Swedish Massage

Sink into true relaxation with a soothing rhythmic Swedish massage. We use high-grade oils and lotions to facilitate long gliding strokes that improve circulation, relieve stress, and make you feel restored and renewed. When you book 'a relaxation massage in Edmonton', feel free to express to your Registered Massage Therapist if you'd like to try Swedish massage techniques. Some feel relaxed, and others find freedom from long-term body pains. With our relaxation massage, you feel slowed down for some time and later feel energetic, productive, and high awareness. Your muscle tissues become much more relaxed as your body releases toxins. Here are some benefits of our relaxation/ Swedish massage:

Improve blood circulation

Improve immune system

Improve sleep

Increase hyperemia - take out

Increase oxygen capacity of the blood

Lower blood pressure

Lower heart rate

Reduce anxiety

Reduce ischemia

Reduce stress

Reduce swelling

Relieve pain

Decreases respiration - take out

Dilation of blood vessels - take out

Our massage therapy is 100% tailored to suit your individual needs, so walk in, have the best massage of your life, and float out.