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Relaxation & Deep Tissue Massage:

30 minutes   55.00

45 minutes   75.00

60 minutes   95.00

75 minutes   110.00

90 minutes   130.00

Your Registered massage therapist will work within your tolerance to release painful long-held knots and reduce muscle and joint stiffness. Each RMT has experience tailoring their massage treatment to either a more gentle, soothing pressure; or a deeper focus to access your connective tissue and deeper laid muscles to restore their natural positioning, freeing up your range of movement.

Hot stone massage:

60 minutes   120.00

75 minutes   140.00

90 minutes   160.00

This traditional method combines a relaxing Swedish massage with relaxing flow and oil with the Eastern technique of relaxing tight muscles with heated basalt stones. The heated stones help dissolve tension to allow for deeper muscle work without as much pressure, which makes it perfect for clients who don’t want the effects of  a deep tissue massage, with a more relaxing technique.

Couples massage:

(prices are per person. A receipt for insurance benefits is provided to each individual)

45 minutes     85.00

60 minutes   105.00

75 minutes   120.00

90 minutes   140.00

Our couples massages are designed to relax any pair, whether you’re looking for a mutually relaxing date night or a special way to spend quality time with friends or family; couples massage is a great way to be happy and healthy, together! Two massage tables are in the SAME room, so clients lay side by side while two registered massage therapists work on each individuals needs. (This service must be booked by telephone or email).

Pregnancy massage:

See Relaxation & Deep Tissue Massage Prices

Our trained therapists use safe, approved and effective techniques to promote healthy carrying and delivery. We offer the use of our therapeutic pregnancy pillow, or we can use cushions to safely and comfortably lay you on your side while we soothe your muscles, enhance your circulation and restore your energy levels.

BodyTalk & Lymphatic Drainage with energy worker,

Connie Popowich .

BodyTalk is simple and effective form of wholistic therapy that resynchronizes the body’s energy systems so they can operate as nature intended. 

BodyTalk is performed by Certified CBP, ParBP practitioner, Connie Popowich

(note: this practitioner is not registered)

To schedule an appointment with Connie please phone: (780) 721-2019, or email [email protected]


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