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TMJ Massage is a 30 to 45 minute treatment provided by a certified massage therapist with TMJ training.

We are happy to provide a receipt for insurance claims under your personal massage plan.

Do you have TMJ?

  • Clicking and popping of the jaw when you open your mouth
  • Pain in the TMJ area when opening and closing the mouth
  • Pain when yawning or chewing
  • Headaches or earaches
  • Pain in the jaw upon waking up
  • Jaws that get stuck or locked

Massage is a great way to treat clients suffering with TMJ (temperomandibular joint) dysfunction. At Palms Therapeutic Massage we focus on all the surrounding soft tissue areas of the neck, face, jaw and head. At times we work inter-orally with a gloved hand to release trigger points. Massage therapy can be a wonderful healing tool for people suffering with jaw dysfunction; most clients feel a difference right after treatment. 

For questions about TMJ massage email us at [email protected]