Get In Touch

For your first visit to our massage clinic, you will need to arrive 10 minutes prior to your appointment time, to fill out an intake form and use the washroom if necessary. We do not have a receptionist, so best not to arrive earlier than 10 minutes so your practitioner is ready to offer you their u divided attention when you arrive :)

Our massage therapists begin by reviewing your health history form with you in a private massage room. We will note all the areas of your body that may be affected by pain, soreness, and any current or past injury. We will ask you questions and what the reason is for your visit. You can explain to your massage therapist any physical symptoms you may have, or simply that you just want to relax and re-connect with your body.

Your RMT may take notes during your discussion, and their mind will be absorbing simple details relevant to your massage treatment, such as your bodies posture, alignment and your breathing. Your RMT will discuss with you what the plan for your massage session will be like that day based on the areas you have requested. Most people book 60 minutes for their first session, which includes time for the discussion with your RMT and the time to get undressed and settle onto the massage table.

You will be given privacy within the massage room to undress to whatever level is comfortable. Majority of our clients remove all their clothing except under garments. You will be covered with a linen during the entire massage. Your therapist will expose one area of muscle at a time as they work manually on your muscles with oil to relieve pain and improve circulation. They do this by using pressure and manual techniques within your comfort level to get your muscles, ligaments and tendons working optimally so you feel better and have a restored range of motion. We will verbally check in with you during the massage to see if the pressure is enjoyable, but an experienced therapist doesn't need feedback throughout your entire session. We can tell by simply your breathing changing if an area is more tender to be worked on.

Majority of our clients prefer no talking during their treatments. This is not the hairdressers- so we encourage you to be clear with your RMT if you find conversation distracting. Soft music will be played in the background also. Feel free to let us know if you have preferences with your music choices. After all, this time is all about you, your body and well being.