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Pediatric Massage Therapy in Edmonton

Massage is Not Just for Adults!

Many kids know their parents go to massage therapy appointments as part of their health routine, and can be curious about what massage therapy is all about. 

Palms Registered Massage Therapists have designed a massage session specifically for kids so they can see what mom and dad are talking about! 

With this service, gentle repetitive massage strokes are used to give the child a feeling of relaxation. Releasing all those good hormones that calm the mind and increase the bodies immune function and circulation. Youth massage is available in 30 or 45 minute sessions and CAN be booked as a couples massage if the parent would like to join the child during the massage as well! (couples massage prices apply).

We require a guardian or parent to be present during their child's massage either in the room or in our comfortable waiting area (whatever the child prefers), as well as an additional waiver to be signed giving permission. We also require the child's permission to give them massage therapy. Some children may be shy or hesitant, or even change their mind at the time of treatment; which we completely understand.

Please email [email protected] if you have any questions about booking your child for massage therapy.

Youth massage is most suitable for ages 7+

YES we are happy to direct bill most insurance benefits! Questions? Contact us for more info.